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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Looking for a new blog

service interruption by travel oriented from flickr (CC-SA)

I've had this blog here since 2006. I don't plan to delete it or anything, but it's not really a platform I'd recommend to anyone.

It's especially bad for talking about any tech issues - there's no support for code at all.

So I've been writing posts offline as Markdown offline, using Markdown to HTML converter, and just dumping the result here. The only extra step was manually finding a cat picture for the post. If I then notice any kind of corrections I'd like to do, they are quite awkward to make.

I've been not very happy about it, but in the past, this blog used to have a lot of readers, and moving to another platform would lose most of that engagement.

Well that's gone now - blogging is maybe a 10% as popular as it was in its Golden Age, and RSS is nearly dead - the few people who read blogs now either get there from Google, or from someone linking to specific post on social media. Either way, the cost of switching is much lower.

And timing is really good now. I have an idea for a new post series, with tons of code.

After checking a bunch of planforms, I created accounts on:
My plan right now is to post same content on both at least for a while to see which one I like better.

I'll probably keep posting on-coding stuff, and various announcement posts (usually of the "look at this cool software I wrote" type) here.

Some other content creation platforms I used, or still use:
  • gaming blog - I mod most games I play, so I write down notes as go, so I got an idea of maybe turning those notes into some kind of AAR; these are probably not the most fascinating AARs unless you also mod stuff; unfortunately Google deleted most of old screenshots there when Google+ died, so most of old posts have text only
  • youtube channel - I was posting gaming content there for a few years, I haven't done that in 3 years, but I keep thinking about resuming that
  • Google+ - well, that died, still miss it
  • twitter - I keep posting there out of habit, but really twitter is a sad shadow of its former lively self, and I keep thinking about just dropping that
  • twitch - I tried streaming there for a bit, but I never really got into this, as I don't watch live streams myself, I only watch gaming content on my own time, at 200% speed


ElephantofDoom said...

I have been a fan of your blog for a long time, and honestly I have no idea what you should do. The kind of content you write is pretty ill suited for most social media; the only website I can think of that would provide a format similarish to what you do is tumblr which is both dead and just worse for this kind of content.

Laci said...

Have you considered hosting something under your own domain? In that case, switching the software is less painful and the address doesn't change, so you don't lose readers.

When people also migrate their posts and keep the old post links working, it's great.

taw said...

So for an update, I made 80 posts out of 100 post series on and hashnode, and I think I'll be posting such serialized code stuff there, and non-code stuff here.

I also have small gaming blog at - but that's sort of gaming from perspective of someone writing balance mods, so maybe not too interesting for most people.