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Friday, May 26, 2006

Baby pandas are not very happy

So my application to Google Summer of Code got rejected. It wasn't quite unexpected, as there are 10x more candidates than available positions and it was totally silly to write only a single application (when the average seemed to be more like 5-10) after realizing the deadline is coming in just a few hours ^_^.

Anyway, some impressions:

  • Baby pandas still think that RbGame would be the best things to happen since Ruby on Rails.
  • Baby pandas are really curious what other projects got accepted instead. It has been quite a few days, and still the only information about them is list of titles. Baby pandas think all accepted application should be published in full. Anyway, some of the projects sound pretty cool, other less so, but it's hard to tell for sure simply looking at the title.
  • Baby pandas think taw is too lazy to code RbGame now, but they've been wrong about it a couple of times in the past. Oh well. :-)

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