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Friday, May 19, 2006

Tawbot UI - first public screenshots

That's actually the second attempt at making a Tawbot UI. The first one totally sucked, this one is much nicer.

The GUI is made with Ruby on Rails, with some AJAX. It uses Sqlite as a database backend, but this can easily be changed.

The workflow:

  1. Using collection constructors (or by editing collections by hand) prepare collections of articles.
  2. Enter the collection screen, and using a nice dialog decide what do you want to do with the articles. Saving the actions for later use would be a good idea, but it's not implemented yet.
  3. Press Go.
The collections are saved in the database, so you can prepare them on one day and do the actions on another. Step 2 and 3 will need some AJAX for usability.

The GUI should be very portable, it only requires Ruby on Rails and Sqlite (and the later can easily be replaced by any other database).

And here are the promissed screenshots. Some code:

Collection management view:

Collection details view (the one where the actual actions are performed) will get a major redesign soon, so no screenshot yet. :-D

I'll keep you posted on any new developments.


Anonymous said...

Rzondzisz (Polish, rough translation: You RoXorZ)

taw said...

No ba (Polish, rough translation: Sure I do) ;-)

Anonymous said...

Does it mean that new tawbot wersions are written in Ruby too?

taw said...

The interface is in Ruby, but the core is still in Perl. There are of course some problems with mixing two languages in the same project, but so far it works fine.