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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The will to fight God.

I've watched so much cool stuff in the last few days.
So let's start, in rough order of coolness.

  • Full Metal Panic Fumoffu (2003). Take Full Metal Panic, get rid of the plot, and replace it with overdone commedy. Plenty of stuff like battle teddy bears helping one yakuza gang beat another, weapons of mass destruction in a Japanese high school, and full scale battles to get a peek at girls at onsen. I think it's much better than the original series.
  • Amadeus (1984, #79 on imdb top list, 8 Oscars). Don't get fooled by the title, it is not a Mozart's biography ;-). Well, at least not any more than Ed Wood is a biography of Ed Wood. Actually I've seen the movie just after Ed Wood, and the similarities between Mozart and Ed were truly astounding. Anyway, the movie is about a Salieri, who at the same time is Mozart's greatest admirer and one that wants to murder him. Really awesome character development (F. Murray Abraham got a Best Actor in a Leading Role Oscar for the role of Salieri). Movies like that are one of the reasons why you should follow the imdb top list's advice.
  • Scrapped Princess (2003). I am the last dragon, who was hidden in a fold of space to aid you...when you gained the will to fight God. Really cool anime series about a girl that is destined to destroy the world. Loads of swordfights and explosions, cute girls with magical powers, stuff like that. And the plot is really cool. I haven't finished it yet, so I don't know how high should it be an the coolness scale.

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