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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Scrollable maps in jrpg

jrpg refactoring continues. The original world became scrollable, instead of jumping every screen. Of course as the original map was not supposed to be scrollable, it looks kinda silly.

Individual maps are loaded from files, so it can in principle work with the level editor.

The code still needs some work before it can be released.


eiku said...

I'm a french student who has just started playing jrpg (I have found the address in's topic). It is simply wonderful. In France, few people have heard about flashcards, but I find this learning tool very useful.

And, what's more, it is easy to install under linux, it works even on my old pentium II !

Congratulations. And thanks a lot.

taw said...

I'm really glad you enjoy it.