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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sofutowea kaihatsu no shugotenshi, tasukete


After a few days long break due to ISP problems, new release of jrpg is out.

The main improvements:

  • Mistakes you make are saved to mistakes-<date>.txt file, for later review.
  • A long standing nuisance has been fixed. On the JLPT lists, 四 on level 4 has only pronunciation し, and on higher levels it has pronunciations し and よん (because less common pronunciations are not appropriate for beginners). jrpg used to follow JLPT closely and have two separate demons - JLPT 4 四(し) and JLPT 3 四(し or よん). As now JLPT level has only a minor influence on order fo the demons, the demons had been merged, and now 四 accepts either し or よん, always. Some 20 similar cases have been fixed too.
  • Crystall ball in the castle (on the screenshot) can give you some statistics on how well you're doing. If people find it useful, I might extend it in the future (all the statistics are there, they just don't get displayed yet).
  • The guardian angel of software development (if you can find her) ^_^.

Oh, and jprg has 212 downloads by today. ^_^

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