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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Cold Heat

As seen on ThinkGeek, Slashdot and LiveJournal ... I've got myself a Cold Heat soldering iron ^_^. It's supposed to heat itself to the right temperature in 3 seconds, and cool down to room temperature in 3 seconds, and it has some protection against soldering accidents - it won't heat itself up unless two halves of the soldering tip are bridged by some conductor.

Maybe I should resurrect my TTL CPU. It was kinda fun, trying to build a CPU from basic logic gates, unfortunately it was pretty hard without the right hardware. A decent soldering iron it certainly going to help.

If you want to buy such a toy - in Germany or Poland try Conrad Electronics (shipping from ThinkGeek costs more than the item). In Poland Conrad Electronics also sells them on Allegro. In the U.S. I guess it's ThinkGeek.


Olle Jonsson said...

Oh, man!

I want one of these, and I have to research a bit to find one in Sweden or Denmark.

This is... excellent. Thanks, T.

Anonymous said...

Like to use Cold Heat products..