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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Modern Times mod for Crusader Kings 2 - 2016 release

Happy New Year by travel oriented from flickr (CC-SA)
Modern Times mod is keeping up with times, and it's now time for 2016 release. (Steam WorkshopDirect download).

Changes beyond just updating date and rulers are mostly modelling Eastern Europe a bit better - Belarus got kingdom tier title and own culture, de jure map got tweaked accordingly, and Buddhist Kalmyk enclave in Caucasus is now in the game.

Unfortunately even with Ukrainian and Belarusian cultures added and various tweaks, Eastern Europe is still the worst modelled part of the world. Belarus is the first new title I added to the mod, not counting Sunset Invasion scenarios, but I might get a lot more aggressive about making map match modern reality.

Also somehow ISIS still stands in 2016, so play it before President Trump nukes the whole region, forcing big map update in 2017. As caliphate it has a lot of unique mechanics which other countries don't have access to.

Future plans

Now that we know that China won't be in next DLCs I'm seriously considering setting up some kind of Chinese (or possibly Japanese etc.) intervention event similar to what Aztecs, Brazil, Canada, and USA got - all of course only if you have Sunset Invasion DLC enabled.

Depending on what next patch and DLC bring, perhaps we'll be able to setup governments and laws with a bit more modern flavor, even if still feudal in character.

By the way one thing the mod could really use which would be relatively easy to contribute are random events and event chains appropriate to modern times. If anybody's interested, just contact me.

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