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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Review of The Manga Guide to Biochemistry by Masaharu Takemura

Following highly entertaining The Manga Guide to Statistics, I decided to grab another book in the loose series - The Manga Guide to Biochemistry by Masaharu Takemura.

The book is taking its role as a textbook somewhat more seriously, and is packed with higher ratio of information to manga than the Statistics guide. They obviously had a lot to say, and I'd say they covered it fairly well without any obvious mistakes or oversights. A good amount of it feels poorly integrated into the plot, especially bits towards the end which feel almost like a disconnected appendix.

The plot puts a lot of effort on putting all that information in context, but it still manages to setup some manga romance action - pretty lady professor of biotechnology tries to manipulate high school girl and university student boy tutoring her into realizing their feelings for each other. Oops, spoilers.

Overall, I'd say it does its job pretty well, not just as a novelty item, but arguably even as a legitimate textbook.

tl;dr 4/5 stars

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