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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Let's Play Crusader Kings 2 as Islamic State with Modern Times mod

Here's a fun campaign I played on twitch as ISIS in Modern Times 2016 start. It should hopefully suffer from fewer technical problems than my HOI4 Nationalist China campaign, which started with poor microphone positioning (but eventually got better).

The campaign was fairly short, as after death of the first caliph my backup system failed me, so I couldn't continue - but his life was definitely eventful, and it should be fairly fun to watch, and in a way this gives it some kind of closure.

It's all using Modern Times mod I wrote, which allows playing any time from 1815 Congress of Vienna to 2016 today. It's still on 2.5.2 so if you want to enjoy the diseases in Modern Times you'll have to wait a few days for mod to update.

The whole playlist is on youtube, with episodes coming once a day as usual.

Here's the first episode:


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